The beauty of a digestive

My husband brought some Cadbury chocolate digestives (graham crackery, chocolate-dipped sweet meal biscuits) home from Cost Plus this weekend and I wasn’t going to have one. I’m trying to curb the excess, at least in the run up to the full fledged eatathon that is the holiday season. I’m consciously scaling back a bit, before I strap on the feedbag and get down, in true American fashion.

But then somewhere in the midst of deciding not to, I ate one.

I blame the name. Eating a digestive makes me feel like I’m eating something that will aid in digestion, instead of something that is going to supersize my derriere. It sounds like a mature and reasonable thing to indulge in, in part because it doesn’t feel like an indulgence at all. It feels like a logical necessity. Something as basic as cereal in the morning and a glass of warm milk at night.

I’m pretty sure that if a marketing agency in America came up with the concept of a digestive biscuit, they would be sure to change the name to something like Super Crunch or Chocosnap. They certainly wouldn’t call it a digestive.

But good on you, Britain, for going with digestive. A sensible name for a sensible treat – and delicious when dunked in a cup of milky tea.


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  1. Slowlycreepingdeath

    Cannot beat the Chocolate Digestive. McVities ones are superior to the Cadbury ones though in my biscuit connoisseur opinion!

    You may even wish to diversify to the chocolate hob nob.

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