Time after time

Come this Sunday, the UK will be “falling back” an hour, thanks to daylight savings time, whereas the US won’t change their clocks until next weekend.

Why don’t they just schedule daylight savings time on one date worldwide? Why stagger it? Does it even matter? I’ve always felt a strange discord in this in-between week. Britain actually feels strangely even farther away, with the addition of that extra hour.

If you’re in the UK, don’t forget to set your clocks back and enjoy that extra lie-in (translation: sleeping in). We’ll be with you next week!

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  1. It is completely crazy that the time changes around the globe, for those countries that do it, aren’t synchronized. But not as crazy as having these time changes in the first place! Anyway, it’s now 9.11pm here. This time yesterday it was 10.11pm. 😉

  2. NZ sprang forwards a month ago.

    Not only did I lose an hours sleep my iPhone decided what was 6 was now 5 but went off at was now 5 but really felt like 4 saying it was 6! If anyone can explain this really annoying trait I would be very glad.

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