Daily Archives: 31, October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I’m a fan of many Halloween time-tested traditions (carving pumpkins, fancy dress, pumpkin beer, etc.) but my absolute favorite remains trick-or-treating, which is still alive and (very!) well in the US.

Leave it to Americans to celebrate what is basically knocking on strangers’ doors and begging for candy, while dressed as Harry Potter or Spider-Man. It’s a veritable street party with roving bands of kids dressed up, moving house to house in search of the best treats.

There’s something simple and wholesome about it.

Yes, I still get trick-or-treaters who haven’t been kids for quite some time and yes, last year, some of these aforementioned trick-or-treaters didn’t even bother to wear a costume. But never mind! In the spirit of the holiday, I give generously and so do my neighbors.

So much so that we have enough candy to get us through most of November. Isn’t that what it’s all about?