Daily Archives: 3, October 2011

Sarnie heaven

I’m no fan of Subway sandwiches, or Quizno’s or any of the so-called fast food sandwich places that dot the American landscape.

It’s not that I don’t love sandwiches. I do. It’s just that every single deli sandwich I see here fails to live up to the standards of sarnies (translation: sandwiches) you can get in Britain.

Case in point: Pret a Manger, a chain sandwich shop in the UK.

Pret a Manger means Ready to Eat in French.

You run in and choose a sandwich, already boxed and ready to go, the cashier rings you up. Done!

The lengthiest part of that process is deciding whether you want the pole and line caught tuna and rocket (translation: arugula) or the topside of beef and watercress or the Moroccan falafel and humous. I love the variety of choices and the sometimes unexpected combination of ingredients.

Best of all, everything is made fresh on the premises that day. Quick. Inventive. Delicious.

It makes the menu at Subway look positively primeval.