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When “spring forward” involves no spring in your step …


Those of you in the U.K. right now must be enjoying the quality of peaceful sleep that only comes when you haven’t had the misfortune of moving the clocks forward. Tell me. Is it as amazing as I remember it? Alright, I get it. Must you gloat?!

Those of us stateside have been in a fog this week – extras in “The Walking Dead” – since the time change.

Brits move their clocks forward one hour on March 29 this year. Until then, please enjoy the next couple of weeks for us Americans. And on that note, here are the 8 Worst Things about Daylight Savings Time.

Time after time

Come this Sunday, the UK will be “falling back” an hour, thanks to daylight savings time, whereas the US won’t change their clocks until next weekend.

Why don’t they just schedule daylight savings time on one date worldwide? Why stagger it? Does it even matter? I’ve always felt a strange discord in this in-between week. Britain actually feels strangely even farther away, with the addition of that extra hour.

If you’re in the UK, don’t forget to set your clocks back and enjoy that extra lie-in (translation: sleeping in). We’ll be with you next week!