The Britishism Invasion

So, we might be to blame for the fact that Americanisms like “my bad” and “you do the math” has entered the British lexicon, but Slate writer Ben Yagoda has been chronicling the Britspeak, or what he has coined Britishisms, that have been showing up on our sandy shores.

Here are just a few examples:

Advert (instead of advertisement or ad), bespoke, bits (instead of parts), brilliant, called (instead of named), chat show, chat up, cheers, a coffee, cookery, DIY, early days, fishmonger, full stop (instead of period, as in the punctuation mark), ginger (a red-haired person), gobsmacked, had got (instead of gotten), Hoover (as a verb), in future, keen on, kerfuffle, mobile (as in mobile phone), on holiday, one-off, posh, presenter (a television host), queue, sell-by date, shite, short-listed, snog (passionately kiss), sort out, spot on, starter (instead of appetizer), straight away, take a decision, top up, twee, wait for it, wanker, and whilst.

And you can read more in this week’s Slate article.

A special thanks to @RichAppy who tweeted me this story.

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  1. It’s curious because I’ve seen any number of blog posts in the past few months in which I could’ve sworn I’ve been reading a Brit only to discover the blogger is American. So you’ve now explained to me why that’s happening – thanks! 🙂

    By the way, while we Brits adopted ‘Shite’, it’s actually Irish.

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