Lohs Angeleez

Last night, we watched the series premiere of The X-Factor, which spotlighted auditions in Los Angeles.

Or should I say Lohs Angeleez? Because that’s what host Steve Jones, as well as British judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole were calling it repeatedly. LohsAngeleezLohsAngeleezLohsAngeleez.

An aerial view of downtown Lohs Angeleez. Photo credit: Marshall Astor.

But why? What’s wrong with Lahs Anjuhles? Or at least the original Spanish Lohs Annhelles?

I don’t think it’s a turn of phrase that is difficult to say with a British accent so I have to wonder … How do these sorts of national mispronunciations get started? Is there a British pronunciation handbook somewhere that decides these sorts of things? Is it written by the Queen? And can I buy it on Amazon?


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  1. That’s just plain weird! I’ve never heard it pronounced like that!
    Probably someone said it one day like that as a joke and it just stuck…

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