Daily Archives: 21, September 2011

And the best Scotch egg is …

A few weeks ago I blogged about the upcoming Scotch egg challenge.

Well, last night was the night we were all waiting for. Scotch egg heads gathered at The Ship in Wandsworth to taste and then crown the best homemade Scotch egg. Without further adieu, let me congratulate The Devonshire Arms in Chiswick.

Behold the winning egg!

And the winning Scotch egg was from The Devonshire Arms in Chiswick!

I’ve never eaten a Scotch egg. Their mere sight, particularly when cold and purchased at a service station, makes me want to gag. But I love the look of that gooey yolk and crumbly breaded exterior.

I could be converted.



For years, I’ve been hearing about The X-Factor from my British friends.

But despite America’s clearly insatiable hunger for a) reality-based singing shows and b) caustic British judges, America has been an X-Factor desert.

Until tonight!

It is with bated breath that I count down the hours to the series premiere of the American version of The X-Factor and the return of Simon Cowell to the telly.

This winning TV formula, which originated in the UK seven years ago, has already spread to over 30 countries and has finally landed on our shores.

I am looking forward to the smorgasbord of talent and trash, as they comb the country in search of that one individual or band with the so-called X-Factor. The addition of Paula Abdul as a judge is just icing on the cake.

Here’s a sneak peek to whet your appetite.