When your swimsuit is a costume …

I have quite a few favorite British words and expressions. Quite. A. Few. But one of my all-time favorites is “swimming costume.”

Particularly when my husband (or any man) speaks of wearing their swimming costume.

Because although they might be thinking of this:

I’m thinking this:

As a side note to my British readers: In the US, costumes are only used when preceded by the word “Halloween.” Swimming costumes are called swimsuits or bathing suits or The Worst Torture Known to Womankind, depending on who you speak to. But never “costume,” unless you are trying to be funny (in which case, just strut down the beach wearing Borat’s mankini and call it a day).

And so, as this week comes to a close and the glorious weekend begins, throw on your swimsuit (or costume) and enjoy the last weekend of August. Dive in …. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

"Diving Board" by Jena Ardell


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  1. Biggest confusion I know of was my friend being told by his kiwi boss to take his togs (swimming costume) to Fiji. Pieter (South African) couldnt work out why he’d need his togs (rugby boots) in Fiji.

  2. I’ve never ever heard of men wearing a ‘swimming costume’. That’s what women wear (and it only refers to an all-in-one, not a bikini). And we also use ‘swimsuit’ (for women). Going back the days when men’s beachwear looked like shorts, they were called ‘swimming trunks’. Now? Who knows, but surely not a swimming costume for men. Are you sure your husband’s not taking the piss?

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