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Happy Halloween

I want to carve a union jack o’ lantern! Next year! Photo credit: New Ravenna Mosaics

Can you believe it’s Halloween already? I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long (we bought costumes back in mid-September) and yet I always feel rushed to prepare.

Anyway, this year I’ve kept it mercifully simple. Bought a giant bag of candy at Target, which promises 180 pieces (okay, now there’s more like 160 pieces, but never mind…), which should hopefully be enough. We’ve decorated the house a bit (complete with orange twinkle lights) and we’ve carved our pumpkins early! (and knock on wood, they haven’t collapsed from mold.)

Even more fun? Our family is dressing up this year, Peter Pan-themed! J.M. Barrie would be so proud. I shall be Tiger Lily!

Have a lovely and safe Halloween, all!


When your swimsuit is a costume …

I have quite a few favorite British words and expressions. Quite. A. Few. But one of my all-time favorites is “swimming costume.”

Particularly when my husband (or any man) speaks of wearing their swimming costume.

Because although they might be thinking of this:

I’m thinking this:

As a side note to my British readers: In the US, costumes are only used when preceded by the word “Halloween.” Swimming costumes are called swimsuits or bathing suits or The Worst Torture Known to Womankind, depending on who you speak to. But never “costume,” unless you are trying to be funny (in which case, just strut down the beach wearing Borat’s mankini and call it a day).

And so, as this week comes to a close and the glorious weekend begins, throw on your swimsuit (or costume) and enjoy the last weekend of August. Dive in …. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

"Diving Board" by Jena Ardell