Daily Archives: 23, August 2011

Keep Calm etc.

By now, you’ve seen the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters everywhere. But did you know that there is a London-based husband-and-wife company called Keep Calm Gallery that sells timeless British prints (as well as designs from up-and-coming designers). Here are just a few pieces from their very British collection.


Popcorn wars

Sweet or salted? That’s the question.

Go to any cinema (translation: movie theater) in the UK and you’ll inevitably encounter the two opposing popcorn types: Sweet (which is similar to Kettle Corn) and salted (which is like our regular popcorn, minus the butter). Butter, at least the last time I went to the cinema in the UK, was not a big factor in the popcorn wars and maybe things have changed since then.

Personally, I’m all about the sweet. It’s quite refreshing these days when I spot a theater in the US that serves Kettle Corn as an alternative to the hot buttered sodium fest (not that that’s a bad thing). It’s still too few and far between.

So are you on Team Sweet or Team Salted?