Daily Archives: 12, August 2011

Speed Cameras & Kodak Moments

In the past two weeks, I’ve had the misfortune of receiving two red-light camera tickets in the post (translation: mail) My offense? Rolling right-hand turns (translation: braking as I approach a lighted intersection and turning right without coming to a full stop), which carries with it the particularly steep price tag of $470 in California. Yes, per ticket. More on that next week.

But my red-light camera story actually reminds me of the first time I encountered this sign in England:

What does this look like to you? Photo opportunity, right?

In the US, we actually have a similar street  sign I like to call a Kodak Moment sign.

And it’s a simple way to let drivers know that something beautiful is approaching. Get your cameras ready, folks. Behold the majesty on the side of the road! It’s …

Or maybe ..

And so when I spotted that sign followed by … well, pavement (translation: asphalt) and some overgrown shrubbery, I wondered just what I was missing. I started to debate that particular location’s merits and question how Brits assessed beauty in general …

Turns out, it was simply a UK sign, warning of a speed camera ahead …