Magnum arrives in the U.S.

I laughed out loud the first time I saw this Magnum commercial starring The OC‘s Rachel Bilson. For so many reasons. Let me count the ways.

  1. I love that “Do Not Attempt” pops up on the screen when she’s stepping over cars barefoot through traffic.
  2. I love the campy cop and ice cream truck driver and all of that magician’s fog that streams out of the truck when he opens the back.
  3. And of course, I love that Magnum Ice Cream is arriving in the US market, competing for an audience that already associates Magnum with a brand of extra-large condoms, a firearm and, of course, Tom Selleck of yesteryear.

The combination is just YouTube gold.

P.S. I should add that we did buy a box — okay, two boxes, oink, oink — of Magnum Ice Cream when we saw it at the grocery store and Rachel Bilson is not acting. The Double Caramel is well worth climbing cars in a sundress for.


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  1. I love Magnum icecream. I remember a while back when an American blogging friend was writing about taking his Magnum (gun) into the woods as protection against wild animals (though why a Magnum and not a shotgun or even tranquilliser darts depending upon sensibilities), I introduced him to the concept of an icecream of the same name… I think he was equally impressed!

    Until we both ate too many, our freezer was home to boxes of these… I don’t know if you can get them there yet, but they also do little ones (presumably for kids). Myself I prefer the normal size…

    The white chocolate ones are nice too…

    Did you have to post about Magnums? Now I have a craving! 😉

    • Yeah I don’t think I ever tried Magnum Ice Cream until recently and it really is much better than most American chocolate bar ice cream out there! I’m a convert!

  2. I did try one and it was great, but I always think of the condoms when I see the commercials or print ads. You know in the meeting for naming the ice cream there had to be a lot of snickers when that one was suggested and then chosen!

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