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The best fish and chips in London

Fish and chips at Masters Super Fish

We stumbled upon a truly excellent fish and chips shop on our last trip to London and I have to share … Masters Super Fish on Waterloo Road. It’s not much to look at – a simple hole in the wall that is reputed to be a favorite among black cab drivers. In fact, when we were there, we did see quite a few!

But we were there to get our fish and chips fix, not for the ambiance. We had met up with my sister-in-law for a tour of Parliament, followed by a trip on the London Eye earlier in the day. It was the logical next step.

Whitebait and onion rings

We started with some whitebait (not for me!) and onion rings. The kids enjoyed the look of the whitebait and my son enjoyed eating it!

But the best bit was their fish and chips, which were accompanied by white bread, prawns and a pickle. I ordered the haddock and it was the best British fish and chips I’ve had in years. Great batter, fresh fish, enormous portions, good price. We will be back!

Masters Super Fish, 191 Waterloo Road, Southwark, London. SE1 8UX. 020 7928 6924

Portland’s Frying Scotsman

Last weekend, we spent three days in Portland, Oregon. It was a wonderful little mini break! Have you been to Portland? Isn’t it charming?

We missed trying the food carts last year when we were in Portland – this time, it was on my list! We went to the one on SW 10th and Alder Street and scoped out the scene!


I had heard great things about the Frying Scotsman, which is a fish-and-chips spot run by a Scotsman! The menu includes mushy peas and Irn-Bru!


We got the haddock and chips. He adds a touch of turmeric to the batter, which gives it a hint of curry flavor. Just a hint. The fries were double fried and delectable. It was certainly the best fish and chips we’ve had on the west coast!

Fish and chips

On another note, I also tried the famed chicken and rice from Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which was great comfort food, as well as a pork taco from Korean Twist. All in all, it was a stellar first Portland food cart experience!

The secret to good fish and chips

Photo credit: The Independent

Sorry, America, your chips suck.

Too many fish and chip shops in the U.S. rely on limp, frozen, thick-cut fries and they try to pawn them off quietly, blanketed underneath a fine piece of crisp, beer-battered fish. It’s a travesty that is happening in too many so-called London fish and chip shops that are a dime-a-dozen in the U.S.

But there is a secret to good fish and chips and you don’t need to have British-grown spuds to succeed.  Just double fry the chips! It makes a world of difference and the Brits know it!

Check out The Independent’s guide to perfect chips every time – at home!