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Portland’s Frying Scotsman

Last weekend, we spent three days in Portland, Oregon. It was a wonderful little mini break! Have you been to Portland? Isn’t it charming?

We missed trying the food carts last year when we were in Portland – this time, it was on my list! We went to the one on SW 10th and Alder Street and scoped out the scene!


I had heard great things about the Frying Scotsman, which is a fish-and-chips spot run by a Scotsman! The menu includes mushy peas and Irn-Bru!


We got the haddock and chips. He adds a touch of turmeric to the batter, which gives it a hint of curry flavor. Just a hint. The fries were double fried and delectable. It was certainly the best fish and chips we’ve had on the west coast!

Fish and chips

On another note, I also tried the famed chicken and rice from Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which was great comfort food, as well as a pork taco from Korean Twist. All in all, it was a stellar first Portland food cart experience!