Poppy power

Barbara Windsor with poppy

Barbara Windsor with poppy

While Sky News wouldn’t be my pick in any normal circumstances, it was the only app providing live election coverage on my Apple TV on Tuesday night, and so I went with it.

Aside from seeing the uncomfortable and then nauseated expressions of British journalists suddenly realizing that the unthinkable was happening, I couldn’t help but notice the poppies that everyone was wearing.

So many of the British journalists were wearing poppies on their lapels as we near Remembrance Day (aka Veteran’s Day). It’s completely lost on most Americans but I loved it.

I’ve blogged about it before, but I do think it could be really lovely if we could get those same kinds of poppy lapels here in the U.S. Not these. Or these or these.

And if you do get your hands on a poppy pin, here is etiquette on how to wear one. You’re welcome, America.

Happy Veteran’s Day!


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  1. Maybe you said before ,I don’t remember but the poppy came to be the memorial flower because at the end of World War 1 they grew in profusion where the fields had been torn up by the ravages of war! That’s what I was told anyway! The British Legion, the charity that makes,sells and, from this supports exservicemen and women say it doesn’t matter which way yo wear them- unlike some media websites!

  2. I found out today that there is a correct way up to wear a poppy – the green leaf should be angled as if it were a clock pointing to 11 o’clock

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