True colors

It’s been four months since Brexit.

Four months since Britain made the terrible decision to leave the European Union.

It hit me hard.

Who were these people who would make such an ignorant decision in droves? Did I know them at all? Was I just dazzled by the accent and the high tea and the double decker buses and every other cultural icon? Had things changed that drastically since I lived there 16 years ago? Was I just seeing their true colors and was this who they really were all along?

I was disappointed and frustrated and saddened. I shared in the sadness experienced by my British friends and family, who hadn’t been part of the tide that had turned around them.

I didn’t feel like blogging about Britain.

Now it’s been two days since our own election, when America similarly made a terrible decision for its future and, well, the future of the world.

It feels like Brexit all over again. I’m filled with the same disappointment and hopelessness, the same questions about these people who could make such a decision.

Didn’t I know the American people? Aren’t these the same people who are waiting with bated breath for the new Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls? Aren’t these the same people who made Trolls #2 in the box office this week? How can so much right vote so wrong?

I don’t have the answers, but I know Tuesday night’s results are not the true colors of the American people, just as Brexit doesn’t speak for the Brits that I know. And so for now, I’m taking solace in that. And I’m listening to a whole lot of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick singing as trolls.


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  1. We are feeling the same as you know Tricia! Gutted by Brexit and then by Trump! In both cases they said it wouldn’t happen!
    I truly fear for the way ahead!
    Lots of love and hugs! See you at Christmas!xxxx

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