New London tube map for walkers

London Tube walking map
Transport for London has just unveiled its new London Tube map, which shows how long it takes to walk to stations (so you can finally make an educated decision on whether it IS faster to walk versus take the Tube.) As a side note, it’s been my experience that it’s ALWAYS faster to walk when you’re up against the Circle Line, but that is neither here nor there …

Here is the full map for your viewing pleasure!


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  1. A couple of years ago I was on a training course somewhere near Liverpool Street. Both me and a colleague had to get back to the Waterloo and City line at Bank. I chose to walk; he caught the tube. I saw him arrive on the platform as my train was leaving!

  2. What a great idea! I also saw a fun video of a guy doing a running challenge; he got off the tube at one station, ran to the next, and (just) got back on the same train. Sadly, I don’t recall which stations… Circle line, maybe?!

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