Goodbye to “The Office”

The Office Season Finale

I’ve had a terrible head cold this week – sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, the works! The best part of it all has been hunkering down with old episodes of “The Office”. The American version. I’ve watched the show on and off all of these years and it’s just fallen off the radar the past couple of years. Nothing personal, just a lack of time and perhaps other shows (“New Girl,” “The Mindy Project,” “Girls”) have taken precedence. But this week I’ve managed to get back to it, starting with Michael Scott’s farewell and continuing through Season 8.

I still remember when I first heard that Americans were remaking “The Office.” It was not long after we had moved back to the States and I couldn’t imagine a show without Ricky Gervais and his very talented cast of characters from the original. I assumed it would fall flat, but then I watched it and was pleasantly surprised by how well the American version worked! It began from the same point of the British version and then went a completely different way.

I still have a lot to catch up on and was probably cheating by skipping to the end but in my current “Office” state of mind, I couldn’t resist watching the season finale last night. Did you watch it? Great, right? After nine seasons, I loved the wrap-up, seeing all of those familiar faces and finding out where they landed. No spoiler alert. I’m just proud of what the show accomplished and am excited to go back and continue watching from where I left off.


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