Tea at Wickle

After our visit in Devon, we headed back on the train to visit friends in the town of Lewes for a couple of days. Lewes is a gorgeous little town just an hour from London on the southeast coast.

One of our favorite moments was having afternoon tea and cake in the children’s shop Wickle. The shop sells beautiful clothes, high-quality toys and games and tucked in the very back of the store is a little cafe, perfect for children and grownups. The kids got the most decadent hot chocolates and we sampled ginger cake, brownies, millionaire’s shortbread and victoria sponge cake.







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  1. Those hot chocolates look fab! And the rest of the tea is nothing short of splendid, too.

  2. Tea tastes so much better when made in a pot. I nearly always use one – and real tea leaves, not teabags.

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