Movie review: “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

 Over the Christmas break, we went to the movies and saw “The Hobbit.” I enjoyed the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and have so many wonderful memories of seeing the three films in the theater with good friends – the first two when we were living in England, the last one when we had moved back to the States.

A part of me just wanted to revisit that magical world that Peter Jackson created. We were not disappointed. It made me want to be a hobbit, living in that tranquil Shire – and for those nearly three hours (which didn’t feel like three hours, I should add), I was transported. It felt like a reunion seeing those familiar faces from the “Lord of the Rings” again. Elijah Wood. Ian McKellan. Cate Blanchett. Gollum. And places like Rivendell and all of its glorious waterfalls.

* Sigh *

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s still in theaters!

And I hope you have a wonderful three-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


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  1. You’re rather gracious in your remarks, and I don’t see the justification. Remove Gandalf from from this farce and all you have is a film about about dwarfs against a dragon. Maybe throw in a damsel in distress and poof, a cinderella story even. Sorry, this did not live up to expectations, maybe it still will but I’m not holding my breath. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Aw, sorry to hear it was a let down! I dread any movie that is nearly three hours and so was very pleasantly surprised to not be looking at my watch every so often – despite the simple premise of a story about dwarves against a dragon!

  3. It didn’t let me down, it just didn’t meet expectations. This round of LOTR is probably more suited(or aimed at!) for a younger audience. The first 3 were quite bloody, this time around it’s just plain old fun. Okay, if we consider that this is transpiring in a lengthy phase of peace and properity then it make sense..noone running around cutting heads off, are they? Even the orcs are kinda friendly(comical!). Did you like the first 3?

    • Yeah, it is a kinder, gentler Tolkien this time around! I loved the first LOTR the most – the last was my least favorite (Overly long and too many substories that needed to be wrapped up.) I think I generally sentimentalize the experience of going to see these movies (it was such a big occasion with some groups of our friends!) and that time in my life, rather than the movies themselves! How did you like the first 3?

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