That Brit in “The Mindy Project”

Ed WeeksHave you been watching “The Mindy Project”?

I love it. I’m convinced that I would be BFFs with Mindy Kaling if we ever met. I was watching last week’s episode last night and like every week, I wondered if the Brit on the show was actually British.

The difference this time? I Googled it at the moment that I thought it. Meet Ed Weeks, the actor who plays Jeremy Reed, and he is a real Brit! More about him here.


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  1. I’ve been watching the Mindy Project too- at first I was “meh” about it but by the 3rd episode I really got into it. I like Dr Castellano. Have you read Mindy Kaling’s book?

    • I completely agree about the Mindy Project. Loved it the minute they brought in the new nurse. That was a great episode! I just finished Mindy Kaling’s book this month. Loved it. Have you read it?

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