Why do Brits love American food?

Cheeseburger“Juicy burgers, stacks of fluffy pancakes, Cobb salads festooned with crispy bacon, and cherry pie topped with whipped cream: American food is glorious. Especially in America. But why is it becoming Britain’s go-to cuisine?”

The Guardian newspaper has posted an interesting piece about Brits’ love affair with American food. It’s actually a concept that I’ve clearly missed – the novelty of American burgers and American breakfast in particular, perhaps because it’s not a novelty for us, it’s dime-a-dozen. Personally, I’m much more of a Mexican food or sushi fan – or at least that’s what I miss most when I’m out of the U.S.

What do you think? What’s your favorite American food?


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  1. Coincidence! I was nibbling on some French toast this morning (at Ikea, but don’t let that put you off) and just thinking about the foodie perks of being in America.

    I’m pretty sure most US food is sweeter than in Britain, which accounts for a lot of the attraction. But I’m also impressed by how much easier it is here to customize meals: sandwiches are usually made to order, not pre-packed, so if you want the onions left out, no worries. And, when I visit Britain, I’m surprised how much harder it is to get a decent salad at lunchtime (although, perhaps comparing California with Cambridgeshire is unfair on that score).

    I miss afternoon tea (scones especially) and detest Liptons served with half and half. But, I’m a huge fan of brunch and am a willing convert to the idea of serving sweet things with bacon. In fact, my ideal day might go straight from brunch to afternoon tea.

    Overall, I enjoy aspects of food/eating out/grocery-shopping in both countries. Trader Joes is great (stateside) but I have yet to walk into a US store that feels like the Marks & Spencer food hall. And I’m lucky that my favorite type of food (Mediterranean) is easy to find, both sides of the pond.

    • Very true about customization of items. Americans are definitely more high-maintenance (thinking of Meg Ryan’s character in “When Harry Met Sally”) when we eat out. When I was in the U.K., I missed good Mexican food most of all – but I think that’s a specific Californian thing. One thing I’ve always been impressed with are the vegetarian options in the U.K., even in the smallest hole in the wall in the tiniest town. I think America is catching up on this front, but still dragging their feet a bit!

  2. As a Brit now living in California, I was surprised how un-veggie friendly restaurants can be here. As you say, there is always a veggie option in the U.K. But I love having a wider variety of fruit and veg (especially fruit) in stores year-round here compared to England where I sometimes feel there are just a lot of apples!

    I do miss a good scone, but the best ones are always homemade, so it’s merely my laziness preventing me from enjoying one, I suppose…

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