Marmite mania

Have you heard about the shortage of Marmite in New Zealand?

ITN is reporting that a jar of the black stuff is going for 2,000 New Zealand dollars ($1,600 American dollars) on the er, black market.

All of this mania is making me desperately curious to try the yeast extract again. Last time I had it, I found it too tangy and salty and strange. But maybe spread with some butter on toast? I’m willing to give it another try. For New Zealand’s sake.

P.S. Liz, I’ll send you a jar of it shortly. I just hope the posties don’t snag it before it reaches you!


Posted on 26, March 2012, in Food. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Im now all about Marmite xo. Extra old marmite. It’s marmite for connoisseurs.

    Kiwi marmite is bland and requires spreading at the thickness of peanut butter! But, I have to feel bad for them as I wouldn’t be without my marmite and their plant is unsafe after the Christchurch Earthquake.

  2. And! I forgot to add!

    Marmite chocolate. Ay-may-zing!

  3. Can you get Marmite XO in NZ? I’m reading about it and it sounds pretty amazing:

  4. And the marmite xo was sent for Christmas. Kind friends and the marmite store ship worldwide. Kind people. šŸ™‚

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