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Red Bull’s office gives employees wings

Check out Red Bull’s London headquarters, which has been recently refurbished. New offices comprise the top three floors of an existing 19th century building – including a rooftop extension. The top floor also includes a main reception, bar, café, and both informal and formal meeting areas. Looks like a pretty cool place to work!

Red Bull's new offices






A Room for London

Who wants to spend the night in a little boat house above Queen Elizabeth Hall overlooking the Thames River? Apparently, everyone!

The above one-bedroom architecture installation, “A Room for London” opened for bookings (from July to December 2012) at midday (translation: noon) last Friday and all nights were sold out in a matter of seconds.

Who could resist the central location, the stunning views and the chance to be a little part of London history? For more opportunities to holiday in this style of living architecture, check out or follow their Twitter.