‘The Layover’ in London

Anthony Bourdain walking Marco Pierre White's dog in London. Photo credit: Travel Channel

Anthony Bourdain, I love you. Despite the fact that you’ve ruined my ability to appreciate hollandaise sauce at a restaurant, I forgive you and have faithfully read your books and watched “No Reservations” without, well, reservation.

When I heard about Travel Channel‘s latest incarnation, “The Layover,” where Anthony Bourdain spends 24 hours in any given city, I was all over it. And when I heard the London episode of “The Layover” was airing last weekend, well, ditto a hundred times over.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you can watch clips and see photos.

If you missed it, I am sure they will repeat it, but you can catch the highlights and one-liners, courtesy of Eater.com.


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