Jeremy Kyle is a British Jerry Springer

Ah, daytime TV. In between all of the depressing adverts (translation: commercials) for prescription drugs (“Ask your doctor about Novolog Flexpen today”), personal injury lawyers and technical colleges, I stumbled upon this little nationally syndicated talk show (or rather shout show) gem: The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Who’s Jeremy Kyle? Apparently he’s a ratings giant in the UK, who brought his Springer-esque talk show style to the US last month.

I know that Jerry Springer was born in London, England but this guy is British. Really British. And he’s counseling troubled, stupid Americans. You know the type.

In the riveting episode I watched yesterday titled, “How Could You Choose Your Girlfiriend Over Your Son!” (these episode titles always have to end in an exclamation point or a question mark or sometimes both!), a teen mom claims her child’s father is a deadbeat dad and his girlfriend and the child’s grandmothers take sides.

It’s your typical white trash junk food fare, but Jeremy classes it up a bit. He wears a nice suit and the chairs on the set look quality. Not like the kind that they throw around on Jerry Springer. And he’s not afraid to lay down the law, shouting at the teens and calling them stupid little children and adding Britishisms like, “This will be sorted!” or “You keep having a go at her!” which is worth their weight in gold.

I never quite get a gauge on whether these people have any idea what he is saying or whether they even know where Britain is. Maybe it doesn’t matter as long as they get paid whatever they get paid to air their dirty laundry, take the DNA test or reveal the details of their botched sex change operation. Bottom line: Isn’t that what good shout show TV is all about?

Watch out, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Check your local listing for the time and channel of The Jeremy Kyle Show. This week’s episodes include “Stop Destroying My Marriage, Your Baby Isn’t My Husband’s!” and “I’ll Prove Today That My 24-Year-Old Daughter Is Yours.” You won’t want to miss those.


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  1. Jeremy Kyle once ran a radio show where a couple got married without ever meeting. He promptly ran away with the wife.

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