Withnail and I

I first saw Withnail and I my third year of uni (translation: university), while studying abroad in Stirling, Scotland. Released in 1987 about two struggling actors in London in 1969, Withnail and I is one of those movies that never made it big in the US, despite its brilliance.

It remains one of my favorite British films and I share it today simply to urge you to see it, if you haven’t yet. It’s available on instant queue on Netflix.

And while we’re on the topic of lesser-known British movies, do you have any good ones to recommend?


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  1. My fave Brit movie is ‘Dear Frankie’, (with Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler and Jack McElhone).

    I find the characters in Withnail a bit too stereotypical.

  2. Richard Appleyard

    Does ‘Trainspotting’ count as lesser known, over there?

  3. Gregory’s girl

    • Ahhh – Gregory’s Girl! I have never seen it but have heard of it – and just discovered that you can watch the whole movie on Imdb.com for free… I’ll check it out! Ta! xx

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