Affectionate Anglos

If you’ve watched too many episodes of Masterpiece Theatre, you might get the impression that the British are all standoffish and Mr. Darcyish, with their top hats and stiff upper lips.

Not so.

Actually, I’m routinely taken aback by how very affectionate Brits are. They’re always greeting people with a kiss on the cheek, even those they might meet for the first time. That doesn’t happen in America.

And they’re always ending letters and emails with kisses (x = kiss, if you didn’t know). Sometimes two = xx. Oftentimes three = xxx. And even as much as four = xxxx. I’m not talking about schoolchildren. I’m talking about full-fledged adults. This is the way they sign off every letter. It’s downright romantic!

But what about hugs, I hear you asking … Well, what about them?! Brits can hug as well as the next Yank. Check out the new Hug London Facebook page that’s formed post-riots to heal the city. Hosted by Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers, the community page invites anyone to send in photos of themselves hugging London landmarks. They will be gathering at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow to hug City Hall in London. So much for the stiff upper lip …

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  1. Yet they mock Americans’ “have a nice day!”. Do they think we’re insincere?

  2. Quite a few of my friends end texts with x as well, so it’s not just our letters and emails x

  3. Curiously I don’t associate fellow Brits with hugging. I do hug people – up to a point. Depends on who’s there to hug, I suppose.

    The hugging thing at the end of your post… what’s happening is what happened (I gather) after the war – people join together to fight ‘the enemy’ and to pick up the pieces and get on with things in the best way possible. It’s good. 🙂

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