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British men try high heels for a day

This I love …

(This video reminds me of a pair of black patent leather heels, which were gorgeous in theory – less so, when I walked around Tin Man-style around the office, not unlike these brave souls. The shoes remain in my closet and that is where they will stay.)


Laura Ashley clothing sale

Laura Ashley is so very British and high quality (a combination that usually spells “expensive.”) And so I was pleased to see some very sweet dresses for kids appearing at deep discounts on yesterday.

Black Embroidered Dress

Black Embroidered Dress, $29.99, regularly priced $51

Blue Plaid Smocked Dress

Blue Plaid Smocked Dress, $28.99, regularly priced $50

Black Floral Dress & White Cardigan

Black Floral Dress & White Cardigan, $33.99, regularly priced $59

They also have a sale on Laura Ashley women’s sleepwear, shoes and a couple of home items like this quilt set and curtains.

The event will end Tuesday morning so get there quick. And if you’re new to Zulily, use this link to register to the site and I’ll get $15 credit, which I would definitely use to buy this.)

Hunter Rain Boots on sale at Nordstrom

Hunter Rigley Boot

Attention Hunter Wellie fans! These Hunter ‘Rigley’ Rain Boots are currently on sale at Nordstrom for $116.98, regularly priced $195. They come in Dark Ruby. Get ’em before they are gone!

Best shoes for traveling

I’m giving some serious thought about what shoes I should take on our upcoming trip to the U.K.

I was in complete spring mode, until I realized that the weather actually could still be wet and cold – particularly considering that they are getting fresh snow falling this week.

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Pedoscope, anyone?

See the above contraption? What do you suppose it is? Any guesses?

Well, would you put your foot in it?

My MIL recently told us that this was an actual devise used in shoe stores to provide an X-ray of one’s foot – and indeed to check to see if there was enough room for toes inside a shoe. I kid you not.

Not sure what was wrong with the method of just pushing on one’s toes through the shoe to gauge, but yes. These were used instead. Apparently, they were known as pedoscopes and were popular in the U.K. through the mid-1970s. I’ve never seen one, never heard of one, but my MIL has reported that my husband’s foot was pedoscoped back in the day!

Wikipedia also reports that they were also used in the U.S. from the 1920s through the 1950s until they were outlawed (probably due to all the pesky radiation! What a buzzkill!).