Best shoes for traveling

I’m giving some serious thought about what shoes I should take on our upcoming trip to the U.K.

I was in complete spring mode, until I realized that the weather actually could still be wet and cold – particularly considering that they are getting fresh snow falling this week.

Now I’m thinking wellies might be the ticket.

Foldable Rain Boots from Hunter

Hunter makes foldable rain boots, made with a light, flexible sole perfect for packing and traveling with. They come in a rainbow of colors!

Another thought? Redfoot offers foldable rain boots in black patent and red patent.

RedFoot black patent rain boots

They also sell foldable ballet flats in a variety of colors and prints. Who would have thought?

Foldable ballet flats

I’ll definitely throw in my favorite pair of sneakers (I love the Puma Bixley, which is part sneaker, part ballet flat, super adorable!) and maybe something with a heel for a lovely evening out!

What are your favorite shoes to travel with?


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  1. your recommendation for wellies reminded me of this (I think this is the right clip – but I can’t check the sound right now)

  2. I like waterproof dress snow boots that I wear on the plane. They look like fashion boots but your feet stay dry. I’m a big fan of Merrell.

  3. Wellies sound bulky and not too comfy, but I take your point that if it snows, you’ll need something sturdy. Love the Puma pair; anything that’s a sneaker disguised as a ballet flat certainly gets my vote.

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