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Shirt tale

So my husband and I have an ongoing debate over the definition of shirts. Specifically, the button-down shirt.

As an American, button-down shirts apply to anything that, well, has buttons down the front. Simple as that.

In Britain, that’s just called a “shirt” (In America, I think we think more broadly and anything that covers one’s torso falls under the “shirt” umbrella – even a shirt that resembles an umbrella). To him, a button-down shirt is a shirt that has a button-down collar.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think most Americans think this much about button-down collars. Are they popular? Does the average American give them much thought? Are they readily available? Do Americans ask for them by name?

Inquiring minds want to know – I want to know!


Make tea not war

About two years ago, I bought this for my tea-loving husband:

Great shirt, great sentiment.

Since then, the Plain Lazy brand has gotten less lazy and expanded its line to include hoodies, posters, mugs, duvet covers and buttons bearing the “Make Tea Not War” mantra. Plus, the UK-based company delivers to the US without a whinge.

I now have my eye on their novelty self-stirring mug. Behold!