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Wiltshire gets naked in the snow

Leanne Myers

It started with a Facebook page called “Wiltshire, Let’s Get Naked in the Snow” started by Leanne Myers, a 40-year-old from Durrington, Wiltshire. With the recent snowfall in the U.K., over 250 people posted their photos (all fairly tasteful – like “Calendar Girls”) in the first three days and the page has since received nearly 10,000 likes. The craze has reached the U.S. and the Middle East, with non-Brits posting to their pics to the page as well.

Check out some of the news stories and photos.

Viva Las Vegas

So apparently what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – unless you’re Prince Harry and someone commemorates the occasion on film. I’m ashamed for him. Couldn’t he have just hung out in the buffet at Bellagio? Maybe caught Celine Dion in concert? And checked out the beautiful pool and cabanas at the Palms (and then regretted eating so much at the buffet)? That’s how I roll when I’m in Vegas.

At any rate, it could be worse. At least Prince Harry still has all his teeth. Do you want to send Buckingham Palace a copy of “The Hangover” or should I?