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John Oliver’s take on Brexit vote

If you aren’t sure what today’s Brexit vote in the United Kingdom is all about, HBO’s funnyman John Oliver sheds some light …

Here’s hoping cooler minds prevail today.

Paid family leave

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day (even the UK mums who celebrated on an entirely different day in March!)

I loved and had to share this scathing piece that John Oliver did on “Last Week Tonight” about Mother’s Day and paid family leave in the U.S. America’s got to step it up.

Ode to John Oliver

Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show,” after leaving the show in John Oliver’s very capable hands for the past 12 weeks while he shot a movie. I’ve really enjoyed John Oliver’s British spin on the news this summer. He’s a great comic and will be sad to see him go (don’t get me wrong, I still love Jon Stewart!).

Here’s a mixtape of John Oliver’s best “Daily Show” moments!