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Scottish Ginphographic

Impressive, Scotland. Very impressive!

Gin Guide - Scotland

Thanks to for reminding me of what I’ve missed out on (I think Hendrick’s is the only one that I’ve tried…)


Gin and tonic crisps?

Leave it to the Brits to come up with this:

Gin and Tonic Flavored Crisps

What do you reckon? Would you give them a try?

Best gin joints in London

Gin and tonic in London

Time Out London has rounded up the best bars for gin in the capital.

I’ll admit that when I used to live in London, gin wasn’t the thing. It was … well, at least to my twenty something mind … more of a vodka cranberry or cosmopolitan/mojito/caipirinha sort of place. Whatever others were drinking in NYC was infinitely cooler than a native gin and tonic.

But my oh my, in the past few years, London has been stepping up its gin game, with more gin distilleries starting up and some cool bars, dedicated to the G&T. My tastes have similarly changed – I have more of an appetite for gin than I ever have before. Time Out London has compiled its best picks for a gin here. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried any of these spots but they sound divine. *Sigh*

When life hands you lemons …

The first time I saw this print, I was watching the ever-lovely Emily Henderson makeover the living room of the equally-lovely Joy Cho on Secrets from a Stylist. Watch the episode here!

Joy had a wall full of pictures and prints that she wanted to continue to display in an engaging way and Emily was on the case. This charming print was just one of over a dozen on the wall, but its sunny yellow disposition caught my eye.

After a little online digging, I discovered the print was from the Etsy shop of New Zealand-based designer dearcolleen and I’ve since sent the tea towel version to one sister-in-law in New Zealand and another sister-in-law in England. Gin and tonic is the cocktail of choice in most UK households and we love that tradition. It just seemed like a fitting tribute to our favorite elixir.

As a side note, if you’ve never watched Secrets from a Stylist, you don’t know what you’re missing! Full episodes are available online so you can have your own mini marathon any time you like. With or without gin and tonic.