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Scottish Ginphographic

Impressive, Scotland. Very impressive!

Gin Guide - Scotland

Thanks to for reminding me of what I’ve missed out on (I think Hendrick’s is the only one that I’ve tried…)

Gin flowchart

Gin flowchart

Love this!

Guide to gins of Scotland

Gins of Scotland

I love this guide to gins of Scotland, courtesy of How many of these have you tried? I have only tried Hendrick’s. Clearly I have much work to do.

Best gin joints in London

Gin and tonic in London

Time Out London has rounded up the best bars for gin in the capital.

I’ll admit that when I used to live in London, gin wasn’t the thing. It was … well, at least to my twenty something mind … more of a vodka cranberry or cosmopolitan/mojito/caipirinha sort of place. Whatever others were drinking in NYC was infinitely cooler than a native gin and tonic.

But my oh my, in the past few years, London has been stepping up its gin game, with more gin distilleries starting up and some cool bars, dedicated to the G&T. My tastes have similarly changed – I have more of an appetite for gin than I ever have before. Time Out London has compiled its best picks for a gin here. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried any of these spots but they sound divine. *Sigh*

16 summertime Pimm’s recipes


Any time is the right time for Pimms, me thinks, but yes, when summer rolls around, cue the bottle of No. 1. It’s a pure disgrace that I haven’t cracked open a bottle yet this season.

I do intend to try out some of’s best Pimm’s recipes, particularly #3 (so classy!) and #9 (so inventive!). How about you? Do you drink Pimm’s?

Cheers to gin!


I’m delighted to hear that gin is apparently the spirit of the moment. Consumption has increased by 7 percent across western Europe in the past year!

The last gin and tonic I had was on this month’s Virgin Atlantic flight of all places (side note: my return flight from the U.K. to the U.S. was MUCH better than my trip going over. We went Premium Economy, I didn’t eat the Gu and didn’t vomit once! Score!). Our flight attendant was charming, ebullient without being ingratiating and could make a mean drink! I spotted her bringing out a big bottle of Bombay Sapphire (yes, no minis!!) as she served a man in front of me and something about that cool, soothing blue shade of the bottle inspired me to order one. It was phenomenal!

There’s something extremely luxurious about someone fixing you a real drink, when you’re 30,000 feet up, using a real glass (not plastic), with a real lime and real ice cubes with a decorative swizzle stick that makes one feel positively pampered. It remains one of the top 10 best gin and tonics I’ve ever had!

How do you feel about gin? Yay or nay? And where’s the best gin and tonic that you’ve ever had?! Spill! 🙂