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British fashion featured on

Stylist Elizabeth Saltzman has rounded up some lovely British designers and fashions this week in, Gwyneth Paltrow’s digital media and e-commerce brand. She’s pulled together a range of looks from designers like Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham and Antonio Berardi.

My favorite pieces of the bunch are these soft pastels, perfect for dressing up and for more relaxed weekend fun.



Space NK

At the height of the dot-com boom, I used to work for an online communications agency based in Notting Hill. It was a fantastic neighborhood – still is! – and I used to look forward to my walks to and from the Tube station, passing some fantastic shops, restaurants and pubs along the way.

One of my favorite spots was Space NK. I bought my first NARS lipstick there. It was a place way beyond my budget, but an oasis. I haven’t been back into a Space NK for 10 years. This weekend, we took a trip to the Marin Country Mart, a super-chic outdoor shopping area in the same vein as the Malibu Country Mart.

And what in my wondering eyes did appear but a Space NK, stateside!

The minute I walked in, I was met with this fresh smell of candles and clean laundry – it was literally the same smell of the Space NK in London. It was magical. Everything was still beyond my budget, but very fun to browse. Even more magical was the presence of Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird (Ms. NK herself), in store giving makeovers.

When I left the shop, I felt at least 10 years younger.

OPI’s SkyFall collection

I seriously am a sucker for these types of movie tie-in promotions. I realize it’s sheer marketing, but can’t help myself. Behold the new OPI nail polish line inspired by the new James Bond “SkyFall” film.

Why call it “red,” when you can call it “Die Another Day”? Am I right? Personally, I’m partial to the deep green silverness of “Live and Let Die.” What do you think?

Britwear from Club Monaco

Club Monaco has jumped on the British bandwagon, with their men’s outerwear fall line.

Take, for instance, the military snorkel jacket (seen here in the photo). It features black watch tartan, quilted lining, corduroy detailing and is made with waxed British millerain cotton. Perfect for a walk in the Scottish highlands!

Other items include hacking vests, wool peacoats and an impressive range of Barbour brand coats. Tally ho!

The origins of the Peter Pan collar

Peter Pan collars are big this season, and I, for one, am a fan – both of the style (for example, see last Thursday’s post about the Lucy shirt) and of Peter Pan himself. But any Peter Pan fan knows that Peter Pan wears a V-neck top, nothing slightly resembling the prim and proper Peter Pan collared shirt.

So, how exactly did these collars get their name?

Well, I just read the potted history of its origins, thanks to

The costume that launched the trend was designed way back in 1905, for the first American stage production of J.M. Barrie’s play. Maude Adams, the Broadway star who played Peter, wore britches, a feathered cap, and a forest-y looking blouse with a white, rounded collar—a bit wider than the Peter Pan collars in vogue today, but otherwise quite similar.

And there you have it! You can read the full article.

What to wear with the Lucy shirt

I am swooning over the entire fall collection from Boden. Over the years, I’ve bought a couple of items here and there but then returned them because they didn’t fit quite right. This year, I’ve given it another try and things fit perfectly.

Now my problem is how to style them. The above Lucy shirt is one of my latest buys – so cute with its Peter Pan collar and fitted shape. I bought it in the sale in navy (sadly, white was not available in my size) and am now stuck on what to wear with it apart from jeans. It’s suddenly seems less versatile since it’s navy rather than white. Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Scottish fashion is coming

F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal

My husband subscribes to the Wall Street Journal on Saturdays, which is their weekend edition, and I must say, it is a very good read – not so much for the financial news, but for fun, whimsical, eye-catching and well-written stories on food, wine, travel, fashion, culture and lifestyle.

It’s the kind of reading that pairs best with a hot cup of coffee, freshly made pancakes and a morning at home with nothing pressing to do. It might be the closest thing to a good British weekend newspaper in America. I should add the Financial Times in the U.S. comes at a close second – not sure what the correlation is between financial newspapers and a good lifestyle section, but there clearly is a correlation. I also like that the financial newspapers doesn’t come preloaded with all the normal weekend tat that’s weighing down other American newspapers – coupons, sales flyers, Parade Magazine, need I say more?.

But I digress. I was a little behind on my WSJ reading and just went through the Aug. 27 paper (don’t judge…). The front page of Off Duty was this: “The Scottish are Coming.” If you never thought that the kilt would make its way to our shores, well, read on … I’m loving the tweed and tartan, the wool and the Fair Isle. They form the foundation of my idea of the perfect fall wardrobe.

Top Shop now at Nordstrom

Oh, Nordstrom. I loved you when you brought Mini Boden to your store. But Top Shop? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yes, Great Britain’s High Street shops Top Shop (for women) and Top Man (for men) have arrived at Nordstrom! Iconic, British and very wearable, Top Shop is going to revolutionize American fashion as we know it. Mark my words!

Check out their fall line!

And watch the launch video!

Butter London’s union jack pack

I’ve always been an Opi girl, but Butter London has compiled its top three best sellers into one union jack pack trio on Ulta online. The three colors, Yummy Mummy, Come to Bed Red and Union Jack Black, are $36. I’ve never used Butter London nail  lacquers before, but this Brit-powered pack might be the inspiration that I need. I’ve read a lot of online reviews and they seem to be very long-wearing, chip-resistant and definitely a good value. Have you tried Butter London?

On another note, Ulta is offering a buy one Butter London nail lacquer, get one free today only, as part of its “21 Days of Beauty” promotion. And for Ulta members like me, you can also download the $3.50 off coupon for additional savings in-store or online.

Pedoscope, anyone?

See the above contraption? What do you suppose it is? Any guesses?

Well, would you put your foot in it?

My MIL recently told us that this was an actual devise used in shoe stores to provide an X-ray of one’s foot – and indeed to check to see if there was enough room for toes inside a shoe. I kid you not.

Not sure what was wrong with the method of just pushing on one’s toes through the shoe to gauge, but yes. These were used instead. Apparently, they were known as pedoscopes and were popular in the U.K. through the mid-1970s. I’ve never seen one, never heard of one, but my MIL has reported that my husband’s foot was pedoscoped back in the day!

Wikipedia also reports that they were also used in the U.S. from the 1920s through the 1950s until they were outlawed (probably due to all the pesky radiation! What a buzzkill!).