John Lewis’ 2014 Christmas advert

Nothing says “Christmas is coming” quite like John Lewis’ annual Christmas advert.

Here’s this year’s present.

What do you think? Do you like #Montythepenguin? I’ll admit that I cried the first two times I watched it. (It’s definitely an improvement over last year’s bear advert, but not as good as the 2011 version)


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  1. I didn’t cry but it’s a good ad! Can’t remember last year but loved the one before that!

  2. Yes, I’m a JL-Christmas-ad-weeper too, and I quite enjoyed Monty, but still went off to check YouTube to find the year I enjoyed best. And yes, it’s 2011. Each time I watch it, I spot something new and clever. Brilliant marketing and so, so clever not to push JL or its products, but instead the love that underlies giving.

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