British sweets

Fiona's sweets

Have you heard of Fiona’s Sweetshoppe? They do a line of imported candy from the U.K. in the U.S. My husband got a few different types for his birthday and I’m excited to try it – particularly the sherbet lemons, which I’ve never tried, but sounds so very Harry Pottery, I can’t wait.

What’s your favorite British candy?


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  1. aniseed twists. I also used to like to get aniseed balls when I was a child – you seemed to get more of those in a quarter pound than other sweets

  2. Oh I must try these. My favorite British candy in Rowntree Fruit Pastilles…thanks for asking!

  3. I’m sure they’re complete junk, but I’m totally hooked on Bassett’s Jelly Babies. My husband rations them out and gives me 3 each week…

  4. Uh-oh: I see Fiona’s do a version of Jelly Babies. I will investigate!!

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