British People’s 13 Greatest Fears

Fear of heights

A new YouGov survey has revealed the 13 things that the British public fear the most, with fear of heights, fear of snakes and fear of public speaking in the top 3. Read the full list.

But I particularly like Huffington Post’s comedic take of this. “That someone will push in front of us in a queue” ranked #1, with “That someone will go in for a second kiss on the other cheek” at #2 and “That Stephen Fry may be wrong about something” at #3. Read their full list.

Is your greatest fear on the list?


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  1. Yeah, don’t like snakes. Not wild about spiders and needles, either.
    Loved that fear of flying statisic… that will come in handy for something I’m working on!
    As for the Huff Post, yes, the World Cup and lack of summer keep most of us awake at night 😉

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