The cronut in Britain


So many column inches have been devoted to the cronut in New York, but did you know you can get a cronut knockoff in London?

I’ve just discovered that Greggs Bakery, of all places, has launched this half croissant, half donut hybrid in its London stores and christened it the “greggsnut.” It’s available in berry and caramel-pecan.

(I should add that I have never had a cronut, but have tried the DIY hack version, using Pillsbury crescent rolls. I didn’t attempt the filling, only topped it with chocolate frosting but I won’t lie. It was sublime.)


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  1. Whenever I see a Greggs I think of rewording my former headmaster’s comment on W H Smith’s (“that some people think is a book shop”) to “that some people think is a bakery”

    • That is hysterical!! I’ll think of that next time I see a WH Smith’s or a Greggs (which really is a guilty, disgusting pleasure. We always go there at least once on any visit to the U.K. and then are filled with regret afterwards).

  2. well that looks just delightful 🙂

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