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20 British words that mean something totally different in the U.S.

I really love this list by Big Stock Photo, which captures 20 words that mean something totally different in the U.K. and the U.S.

Simple things like “trolley.”


And “dummy.”


See the full list, which was curated by Big Stock’s British receptionist Ryan Lovett!

(Apologies in advance if you spotted this blog post for a short time yesterday – I jumped the gun and posted it before it was scheduled to go!)

29 people who make you proud to be British

Lino Richie

Raise a glass to these unsung British heroes. Each one is deserving in their own special way, from the chap who quoted Homer Simpson on the London Underground sign to the guy who photobombed David Cameron.

See the full list that was geniusly curated by Buzzfeed.