A guide to packing for a trip

Pack This! List

I’ll admit it. I’m a procrastinating packer that frequently forgets my pajamas. Or my socks. Or my toothbrush. Or all of the above.

And so I’m delighted by all of the various travel packing guides, apps and old-school lists that are available online. It really takes some of the mental heavy lifting out of packing and ensures that you don’t forget the big (or small) stuff.

I’ve used Travels’ Checklist, which personalizes a list based on what countries you’ll be visiting, what kind of weather you are expecting and what kinds of activities you’re planning.

Plus, 22 easy trips to make packing better and how to pack two weeks in a carry on.

Do you have a favorite packing list website?


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  1. paulinewiles

    I’m usually pretty good at packing, mainly because I have a “travel drawer” where all the stuff that only comes out for trips lives. And I have a boring Excel spreadsheet to remind me what to do ahead of time (like return library books and other goodie-two-shoes stuff).
    That said, last time I went to England, I managed to forget my UK debit card. That caused a bit of a scramble 🙂

  2. I’ve also created a list of what I need, so I go through that and ignore things that are irrelevant for the particular trip. I actually created it for a holiday (US = vacation) a couple of years ago and, when done, thought “that’s a good idea – I’ll keep it for future reference”.

    For shorter trips, it’s easy – just start at your feet and work up, and pack the clothes for each part of your body.

    • Yes! I like the idea of a general list of items for easy packing reference! Part of my problem is finding things within the suitcase that I have packed once I have arrived – particularly small things like socks – and am finding that ziplock bagging smaller like items together is well worth doing, despite losing some possible packing space in the short term.

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