Do Brits color eggs for Easter?

Easter coloring kit

If you ever wondered if Brits colored eggs in the PAAS style that is so popular in U.S. during Easter, well not so much.

You can buy the kits, but British eggs are brown, which presents its own challenges. It might be the reason for the lagging sales in egg coloring kits.

At any rate, have a wonderful Easter weekend! See you back on Monday!


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  1. MAybe not to such an extent, but we used to paint eggs when we were kids,a nd then boil them for breakfast

    • I feel like in America, everyone dyes eggs. It is just what you do – much more so than in the UK. And the brown eggs just seem more prevalent in the UK (although we always buy brown in the US).

  2. Not all British eggs are brown. Some are white. Depends where you get ’em and what lays ’em! As for painting eggs… don’t British kids/adults do that anymore? They always did… 🙂

  3. I remember painting a eggs a few times as a kid, but we didn’t dye them.
    We also used to fight over who’d get the white egg when we had boiled eggs. I think there has been a bit of a shift towards selling more brown eggs in supermarkets these days because of a misconception that they are more nutritious (brown = healthier for bread, therefore eggs, too) even though it’s just the color of the hen that is different.

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