Flavored crisps in the U.S.A.

There’s no doubt that Brits take their crisps (translation: potato chips) seriously.

Check out some of their flavors: roasted chicken, prawn cocktail, tomato ketchup, smokey bacon, and worcester sauce to name a few.

Then check out some of our flavors: salted, barbecue, sour cream and onion, vinegar. Bo-ring.

But Lay’s is shaking things up with three new Brit-like flavors: Cheesy garlic bread, Chicken and waffles, and Sriracha. These flavors are only available during this limited time. The flavor that gets the most votes on the Lay’s Facebook page will become a permanent selection.

Lay's flavored chips

I haven’t tried any of the flavors yet, but I’ve heard good things so far about the Cheesy garlic bread flavor. Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


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  1. I was going to metion hedgehog flavour too, but you beat me to it,SudoOne.

    Despite all the falvours we can get in the UK, my favourite is still plain (aka ready salted).

    • Wait – that is amazing. Did you ever try hedgehog flavored crisps? What does that taste like? I’m still trying to understand chicken and waffle crisps. I’ve heard that it’s like getting a stack of pancakes and sausage, pouring maple syrup over the whole thing and then licking the plate. Clearly a taste test of these three new crisps are in my near future (with accompanying blog post)!

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