Daily Archives: 5, December 2012

Holiday deadline for international mail


Every year, we do the mad scramble to get our Christmas cards and presents to Britain in the mail by the U.S. Post Office deadline. It’s usually around the 6th Dec. and I’ll admit we’re usually right under the wire.

On Monday, I took a look at the U.S. Post Office website to check what that holiday international deadline is this year and there it was: Dec. 3. Alarm bells rang. My husband was out of town and I had to get everything wrapped, tagged, and packaged to make that deadline. I put “Love Actually” on and stayed up until the job was done.

As it turned out, in the bright light of day the next morning, I visited the website again and realized I completely misread the deadline. Dec. 3 is actually the deadline for shipping to Africa, not England.

This year’s deadline for shipping to Europe? Dec. 10! Yes, I could’ve had an extra week to procrastinate! 🙂