Iced tea-free zone

I’ve become more of an iced tea drinker in the past five years or so. It’s always perceived in my mind as a healthier option than a soft drink, and provides the added boost of a little caffeine in the afternoon.

What I haven’t really consciously considered is the fact that the U.K. is essentially an iced tea-free zone. If tea is on the menu, it’s not listed as hot tea. It’s tea. It will be hot. For a country obsessed with tea, the concept of iced tea is truly foreign. (However, they do intimately know their Long Island Iced Tea, though, I should add …)

What are your thoughts on iced tea? Good? Bad? Indifferent?


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  1. I will never forget watching a Kentucky native filling his iced tea with sugar as he stirred. He didn’t stop pouring until it was nearly half full. Since then I refuse to belive it is a healthy alternative!!

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