Remembering Mr. Belvedere

This weekend, my husband and I were basking in the glow of 1980s nostalgia, after stumbling upon the theme song to the “Golden Girls” on YouTube.

Where would we all be without YouTube and its endless supply of retro remembrances? After listening to the theme songs from “Charles in Charge,” “It’s Your Move” and “Benson” (which my husband used to watch in England), the YouTube genies suggested “Mr. Belvedere.”

“Ever watch ‘Mr. Belvedere’?” I asked, interested to hear his take on this Briton-in-America story.

But no. Never saw it. Or couldn’t remember it if he had.

I’m not sure why “Mr. Belvedere,” a little comedy about an average middle class family employing a British butler, never made it across the pond. But good news! It’s available now on for Brits who are interested. I know I’d like to see it again.

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  1. LOL, I used to love this show…and sadly, I was really into watching, “Blossom” & “The Cosby Show” too.

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