Getting Brave

And hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about Scottish fashion, I bring you the sounds of Scotland.

Well, kind of.

So picture it – we’re sweating bullets out at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park last month, watching the World of Color show (which is really quite beautiful, if you’ve never seen it.) and they’re projecting a few familiar scenes from Disney movies of yesteryear upon this wall of water and then… they play this song that literally transports me out of the sticky summer heat of Southern California and into a lush green meadow near Stirling. It’s a Scottish song, with bagpipes, sung by a sweet honeyed voice and it leaves me breathless.

The song was from “Brave.” Julie Fowlis’s “Touch the Sky.” I’ve not seen “Brave,” but days later, we bought the original soundtrack on iTunes and weeks later, it’s still what we’re listening to. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Especially if you love Scottish music in the vein of Kate Rusby, John McCusker, Battlefield Band, or want a quick introduction into the genre.


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