My friend Layla took a roadtrip last week from California to Chicago. On her way there, she stumbled upon this majesty and took this photo.

Behold! Carhenge!

Nestled in Alliance, Nebraska lies a roadside attraction called Carhenge, a uniquely American take on Stonehenge. Built by artist Jim Reinders, who studied the design and purpose of Stonehenge while living in England, he created this auto masterpiece in 1987 using 38 cars. It stands as a memorial to Reinders’ father, who once lived on the farm where Carhenge now stands and attracts about 80,000 visitors each year.

If you build it, they will come … I think it’s stunning and strangely eerie – well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in western Nebraska!

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  1. I forgot to send you more pictures! (And I can’t believe you didn’t use one that included The Most Interesting Man! haha) One of the funnier parts is that I didn’t actually stumble across this place. Nope, it was a planned detour.

    I’d heard about it somewhere eons ago, so when this road trip idea came up and Mt. Rushmore was mentioned, I somehow remembered Carhenge. I looked at a map and got excited in my typical fashion, and Rick in his typical fashion skeptically wondered what on earth I was smoking. So we pulled up some photos online and he acquiesced, and later admitted that it was a pretty awesome road trip stop. (Yes, the same thing happened with the Jolly Green Giant statue, except that wasn’t planned until the day before we got there.)

    Welcome to road tripping with Layla.

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